Friday, November 16, 2007

Don't be a Victim of Cyberbullies!

Hey guys and gals. I'm sure many of you have myspace, facebook, or any other social network accounts. I'm sure you guys are mature enough to know who to talk to on these social networks. But if you don't.. maybe you should take a peek at this video: LINK. This video is about a girl who committed suicide last year because she was deeply into myspace and talking to a stranger who played with her heart. It is truly a tragic event and will hopefully teach other members a lesson.

Clinton Stands the Heat

Yesterday, November 15, was the Democratic debate in Nevada. Although there were seven Democratic presidential candidates participating in this debate, it seemed like it was everyone against Clinton. A majority of these attacks turned up the heat during the debate. Senator Barack Obama clearly states that Clinton isn't delivering the simple answers to the complicated questions that Americans are seeking. Giving another point, Senator John Edwards critisized Clinton for contradicting herself on her Iraq policy, saying that she thinks we need to end the war in Iraq while also wanting to keep combat troops in Iraq. Edwards also states that she talks about making it a challenge for Bush and other Republicans, and then voting with him. Offended by Edwards' personal attack, Clinton responds, "I don't mind taking hits on my record on issues, but when somebody starts throwing mud, at least we can hope that it's both accurate and not right out of the Republican playbook." She goes on to explain why the other candidates are targeting her. She is ahead, and both her and the other candidates know it. Clinton takes a stand and defends herself by making it known that she will not allow herself to be belittled. Clinton was leading by a good 20 points before the Nevada debate. Will this debate increase her popularity? Do you think she will make it to primaries?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another Taser Gun Incident

I'm sure most of you guys have heard that Andrew Meyer, a University of Florida student, had been tasered at Kerry forum. The student seemed fine after being tasered by the cops.

This time, on October 14th, taser guns had killed a man. At Vancouver International Airport in Canada, Robert Dziekanski, a Polish first time flyer, had waited at least ten hours at the baggage area, waiting for his mother. Because the mother was not able to go into the baggage area, she could not get the words to him that she was here. The surprising thing is that she was told that her son never arrived at the airport when he clearly did. The man then got frustrated and started to throw computers and desks around until the security finally stuns him which led to his death. You can watch to clip of the man getting tasered (VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED) here: VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED

Although this happened in Canada, we can still see the effect of taser guns.

Should there be stricter laws on police forces/securities/etc. using the taser guns, now we know that it can kill a man? Was it necessary for the securities to taser the Polish man? Did the people who informed the mother that his son did not arrive at fault? What should we ultimately do about taser guns?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bill Demanding Troops Out by December Passed!

The Congress passed a war-funding bill with a timeline for troop withdrawal from Iraq and substantially less funds to conduct the war. The bill was passed with a very close 218-203 vote. The bill states that the primary purpose of the funding is "to transition the mission of United States Armed Forces in Iraq and undertake their redeployment." It demands Bush to begin withdrawing the troops within 30 days of passage. Goal: withdraw the troops by December 15, 2008.

This bill requests $50 billion. Compared to hundred billions of dollars requested to help fund the war, it's not that much.

In the past, President Bush threatened to veto this type of bills. If the President does veto it, the Congress probably would not be able to override it, looking at the close 218-203 vote.

What do you guys think about this bill? Do you guys think it's too soon to withdraw the troops from Iraq? Do you guys think that President Bush will veto this bill?

"It's time for Musharraf to step down"

In the past few months there has been a lot going on with Pakistani politics. Pervez Musharraf, president and army chief, dropped corruption charges against the former prime minister of Pakistan, Benazir Buhutto, last month. Musharraf was hoping to gain an ally against the extremists, but this allows for a potential sharing of powers that both Musharraf and Buhutto are not willing to share. On November 3 Musharraf declared a state of emergency due to the recent activities of extremists and suspended the nation's constitution. Buhutto refuses to leave Pakistan in the state that is in in and asks Musharraf to step down as president. Although Buhutto is now allying with former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif media shows that Buhutto does not have a strong support group. Still, Musharraf is advised to give up his position as amry chief and to focus on the real issue at hand. Will Buhutto gain more support before elections? What is Musharraf's priority: to maintain presidency or to quickly end the emergency rule in Pakistan?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

War Cost = Estimated $1.6 TRILLION by 2009

I found an interesting article on cnn that estimated war cost in Iraq and Afghanistan to be $1.6 trillion by 2009. It also estimated the war cost to be $3.5 trillion by 2017. Although I knew that the war in Iraq and Afghanistan would be costly, but not this costly. The war is not the only costly issue going on right now; there are other issues such as lost productivity, higher oil prices, and the cost of health care. We, the taxpayers, have to pay for all these costs.

After reading the estimated cost of the war, how do you guys feel about our war in the Middle East?

GOP Candidate Defends Ad Depicting Terrorist Attack

The FBI have received a tip that al Qaeda terrorists may be planning an attack on shopping malls in Los Angeles, California, and Chicago, Illinois, in the upcoming holiday season. In response to this tip, Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo created an ad depicting a terrorist deserting a backpack with a bomb inside a mall. This ad is also revealing Tancredo's stance on illegal immigration. However, this tip may not even be credible. Are we being exploited by the media? Was this ad created to prepare American citizens? Is Tancredo trying to instill fear to gain more votes?

To view the ad, go to:

Bush Vetoes a $600 Billion Spending Bill

Today, President Bush vetoed a $600 billion spending bill. In this spending bill, around $150 billion was to be used to run departments such as departments of Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services. But in this $150 billion, around $10 billion would have funded projects such as a prison museum, a sailing school, and a program to teach Portuguese. The other $450 billion was to be used specifically for Medicare and Medicaid. If you guys didn't know, Medicare and Medicaid are federal health care programs for the elderly and poor.

So, why did President Bush veto this bill which would ultimately help the much needed health care programs in the United States?

President Bush blames the Democratic leaders in Congress for attempting to waste money and to increase taxes. Bush made an analogy comparing the Democratic Congress to "a teenager with a new credit card." President Bush also called the $10 billion that would funded projects such as a prison museum, a sailing school, and a program to teach Portuguese as "pork." He told the Congress to cut the "pork," and reduce the spending if it wants the bill to get signed.

Did the President do the right thing to veto this spending bill? Was the Congress really trying to waste money and to increase taxes by adding the "pork?" What do you guys think the President/the Congress should have done?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Overriding the Veto

President Bush vetoed the spending on some popular water projects. However, not only did the democrats vote to override his veto, but they were joined by 47 republicans. This may be the first time that Congress manages to override a veto by President Bush.

Is this an affirmation of the anti-Bush sentiment?
What would a concrete affirmation be?
Is it just that so many elected republicans are voting against him?