Sunday, July 27, 2008

Final official word to 08 with scores and all that...


(if there is anyone still out there)

This page is still bookmarked and I noticed a new comment saying Hi to me.

So hi to ya'll right back.

Summer was already going great -- b/c that's what summer does -- when I was told that 77% of you passed the AP exam. Yay. A couple goofy threes notwithstanding, the results were pleasing in general but not optimal. So it goes. Mr. Corti and I will strive to do equally well if not better next year.

More than any % can measure, the collective you were a pleasure to teach. So thanks for that.

I'm also pleased to report that several Aragon alum are working full time on a political campaign (guess which one!) this fall. I'd trade umpteen "5" scores for one actual person in the field trying to improve the public area -- practice is greater than theory. But I still hope you got enough theory and rigor last year to make this fall's campaign a little bit more meaningful.

I don't know if next year's class will keep the name for this blog or move onto their own name, but whether this is the last post for this year, or for all time, you all take care and have yourselves a prosperous and safe first year of college.