Saturday, March 15, 2008

A not so serious news source has a point

Excuse their excessive use of the word Bullsh*t and see the true picture. Even though this video is from The Onion, they do make a point.

Hillary has never been called a.....

A follow-up on my last post, and thanks to Wilson's suggestions, this is yet another semi-controversial, race-related statement made by Barack Obama's pastor at his church. Pastor Jeremiah Wright doesn't bring up the fact that Obama might be a good leader because of his beliefs or experience, he only talks about the skin color and race of the two democratic candidates. He states that Barack Obama knows what it is like to feel suppressed in a white man's world, and that Hillary Clinton has never been asked if she was white enough. Many of the major news networks have been seeing this as a controversy based on race, but I see this as a controversy of why is this even an issue? Yes, he made some slightly extreme statements, but is it really true that since Barack Obama is a black man living in America he will make a better leader?

Friday, March 14, 2008

" what if he were?"

According to an election rumor that has been floating around, Barack Obama is a secret muslim...what?! But, to quote Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times, so what if he were? Many don't seem to believe the rumor, but not many people have asked "so what?" Many political analyzers believe that it comes from America's fear or discomfort towards muslims. Perhaps it just comes from the opposing candidate. 
Now there is no credible evidence that Barack Obama is actually a muslim. Actually Obama has been quoted saying he is a christian. Even with that out of the way, Geraldine Ferraro has stated that if Obama were white, he wouldn't be where is is today. Is this election about race and religion or is it really about leadership and patriotism?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What we were all waiting for: The Spitzer Resignation

Today New York Governor Spitzer stepped down from his position as governor and apologized to the public about his "private failures" all with his wife by his side. Even though this is the resignation people were waiting for, he still has not been charged of any crime even though he has clearly violated the Mann Acts which prohibits participating in prostitution in another state than you currently reside.
From this scandal, what good can come from it? The Mayflower hotel in downtown Washington has now become a tourist attraction and, for the Obama supporters, the man that will be replacing Spitzer, a pro-Clinton super delegate, will be Lt. David A. Paterson, a pro-Obama super delegate. He will be making the transition on Monday, March 17- St. Patrick's Day -- apparently a good day to make an orderly transition.

1 in 4 girls teenage girls has an STD?

In today's "Nation in Brief" from the Washington Post there was an article stating that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention surveyed 838 teenage girls and 26% of the girls surveyed reported to have had an STD. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the high numbers reflect an abstinence-only sexual education taught to teenagers. 
With some further research, over 1,000,000 young adults in California contracted an STD in 2005. Although that percentage is much lower than 26%, it is still a very high number and California teaches a non-abstinence sexual education.
Another fact that the Washington Post threw into the article is that "Disease rates were significantly higher among black girls -- nearly half had at least one STD, vs. 20% among both whites and Mexican Americans." Even with the race card thrown in there, is an abstinence-only sexual education to blame?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Relating to prior primaries...

Hahaha. Get it?

Courtesy of -- Mike Lane

Obama sends me a semi-personal email

Today I received an email from Barack Obama, an email which I get weekly from being on his campaign website's emailing list. The email subject was titled "Victories and Attacks" and it included gloats about winning Mississippi by a "wide margin" and Wyoming this past Saturday. Obama includes the fact that the two states are largely different, and that he is now taken back his strong lead, which is what he states he had before the prior Clinton winning primaries. I'll give everyone a chance to brag, though.
Also in the email, Obama states that "Senator Clinton continues to run an expensive, negative campaign against us. Each day her campaign launches a new set of desperate attacks. They're not just attacking me; they're attacking you." As noble and proud that sounds, it sounds familiarly like negative campaigning. Reporting all the negative aspects of your opponents campaign back to your supporters can come off as negative campaigning, but if you're that supportive of your favorite to win, than by all means, accept it as is. Your point of view?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Irony takes its toll for NY Gov. Spitzer

New York Governor, Eliot L. Spitzer was recently linked to a high-end prostitution ring as an anonymous client. He was discovered through a federal wiretap as a client who arranged to pay for train tickets so a high-end, New York prostitute could meet him at a downtown Washington hotel.
The call-girl website, The Emperor's Club, says that they provide women of high class, standards and education and charge from $3,100 to $5,000 per hour. The website has been shut down since.
In 1910, a federal statute states that the Mann Acts prohibits traveling to another state to engage in prostitution. Although Gov. Spitzer's actions resemble this federal statute, he has not been charged of any crime.
Spitzer has been in office for fourteen months, but has decided to not resign. He has dropped all public appearances and has since apologized for his actions. Even with an apology, his morals have been challenged. State senator Martin J. Golden stated that "[he] can't see him getting through this." If Governor Spitzer chooses to resign, Lt. Governor David A. Paterson will replace him which would make him the state's first black governor. Paterson is also legally blind.
Ironically, before Spitzer was governor he was New York State's Attorney General and took up many white-collar criminals and broke up two prostitution rings himself. This is a great time for late-night, comedy talk shows.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Judicial Appointments & Activism

Here's a great thread about an Obama quote relating to Supreme Court appointments. Several of those who comment are law professors and there is enough viewpoint diversity and lack of obscure references to make this useful to HS students. If you were iffy on legal vs. political, give this a try.