Friday, December 28, 2007

With College on our mind, will we get to save a Dime?

Our friendly congress the other day apparently went to far according to our governors on a new higher-education bill that tells states how much money they must spend on their public colleges. Kind of sounds alright to me. Next year would it be great if the schools were nicer and there was money in our pockets? But, for all those out there the money has to come from somewhere now doesn't it? According to the NGA letter, "the new mandate 'would have a chilling, negative impact on future state higher-education investments.'"

Should our opinion count even if we are 17, I mean the ordeal effects us quite a bit. What do you think?

P.S. I came across this and I wanted to know if people thought things like this were funny, or are the absurd and should not be allowed?

Pakistan Prime Minister Assassinated

Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated yesterday during a rally. Although it was originally thought that she was killed by a gunshot targeted at her by a suicide bomber (who is rumored to be associated with al Qaeda), they have recently discovered that she was actually killed by the shrapnel from the bomb.
Her funeral was held today along with riots throughout the country and throngs of people that brought the funeral procession to a standstill. (If you have not watched the news, watch to see her supporters surrounding her coffin showing how much they loved her.)
While this assassination was definitely expected, it still came as a shock and will have huge effects on the nation. Pakistan has its elections coming up soon; however, if they are postponed, it could be a huge set back to bringing the nation closer to democracy.
With terrorism coming back to the forefront of the news and many people´s minds, most of the presidential candidates have made speeches in response to this occurrence. While before Bhutto´s assassination the nation seemed to be most concerned with the economy, now it seems as if the nation is focusing again on terrorism. Presidential candidates with foreign experience like McCain and Giuliani may now have an advantage as terrorism once again consumes the nation. McCain even claimed that this may help him in the presidential race.
I personally think that it may help McCain and Giuliani as the nation changes its focus. What do you think?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Choose Your Candidate

I have to admit that I've been pretty ignorant about the various presidential candidates, let alone their political positions.

But then I came across this online quiz! The quiz allows you to choose the candidate with the most similar beliefs to your own and it's great because it gives blurbs about each candidate's stance on 25 different issues.

Yes, taking the whole thing (and reading all the blurbs) takes a long time but you can skip to the end at any time.

You can check it out at:

Senate meets for 11 seconds

While most of the White House and Senate had left Washington for the Christmas holiday, Democratic Senator Jim Webb stayed around for barely a minute. In the chamber for just 57 seconds, he called to order a Senate session and then closed it within 11 seconds. Senate majority leader Democrat Harry Reid claimed that "pro forma" sessions similar to this one will be held throughout the month of January.
The Democratic led Senate did this in order to stop President Bush from making any recess appointments. In the Constitution, the president is given the right to fill all top governmental positions for one year without consent from the Senate while Congress is in recess.
Earlier, talks between the President and the Democratic senators were held in order to avoid these short sessions. The senate said that the President could make as many appointments as he wished as long as he did not appoint Steven Bradbury as the head of the Office of Legal Counsel. However, the talks proved ineffective as Bush did not take the Democrats´offer and Reid did not approve Bush´s appointment of Bradbury.
What do you think? Do you feel that Bush did the right thing by not accepting the Democrats´ proposal? Are the Democrats doing the right thing by remaining in session and holding these short meetings?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

For All You Sports Fans, and For All You Non Sports Fans

On Christmas Eve I flipped on to channel 38,
I did not find joy, nor Elima-Date.
Rather I watched as ESPN revealed,
That the Chicago Bull's Basketball coach disappeared.
Not literally but instead he was fired,
On Christmas even FIRED not HIRED!
Should things like this matter in the scheme of life?
Is it an insult, or just like any other day when he goes home and tells his wife?
They revealed that layoffs on New Years Day and Thanksgiving were not too rare,
But then again is life fair?
So to those who are strongly against lay-offs on "special" days,
Is there a solution or different ways?
Or should it not matter like the coach said for it is all sad,
Getting fired on any day is just as bad!

Some Holiday Cheer

Merry Christmas, Happy belated Hanukah, and for everything else or those who do not celebrate hope you are enjoying your break. So this anyone can reply to because it is a flat out opinion. Personally I do not mind it but I was wondering what everyone thought about how the biggest sales of the year are right after Thanks Giving, "Black Friday", and right after Christmas. What happens in the month of April, not too much but it seems like all sales are oriented around the Christmas activities. This may matter to some, others may not care, but I sure would like sales in May after I got my birthday money and I think it is not very fair :(!

A twist in the Writers Guild strike

Most everyone is aware that writers in Hollywood have been on strike for almost two months now -- since November 5. Collectively, they've lost $350 million in wages yet many strikers are apparently keeping an upbeat outlook as they are used to sporadic employment and they feel that they're working for the larger overall picture of labor movement.

However, the overall picture also contains 40,000 other workers such as electricians, carpenters, and prop makers who have been unvoluntarily out of work as a result of the writers' strike. The strike, which will probably benefit the writers, will not benefit these other employees who are not only losing paychecks but also hours for health insurance eligibility and pension coverage.

Do you think its fair for the other employees to suffer at the expense of the writers' strike? What could be done to fix this?

According to the Monthly Labor Review Online, the average length of work strikes in 2006 was 26.5 days, up from 20 days in 2005. The longest strike in 2006 lasted 211 days.

50 days into their strike, the writers are over the 2006 average but well under the longest strike that occurred last year. Will it do more harm than good all around to continue the strike?

Monday, December 24, 2007

Ron Paul may continue fighting after the primaries

Even though he does not seem to be doing well in the race for the Republican presidential candidate, we may see GOP hopeful Ron Paul after the GOP candidate has been announced even if it is not him.
In an interview on "Meet the Press" with Tim Russert, Paul implied that he may continue to pursue the presidency through a third party if he did not win the Republican primary election.
Paul has a history of running for president: once in the 1984 Republican primaries and then in the 1988 race as the Libertarian candidate.
With a loyal national following and incredible fundraising sums, he has a good chance of pursuing this.
What do you think? Would he be a good third party candidate? Would he add much to this election?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Dreaded Speeding Tickets

Yahoo had an "interesting" print today. They had an article that showed which states the heaviest speeding tickets occur in. I am not traveling this break, but is it okay for there to be such outrageous speeding fines? Especially if there are discrepancies between state's fines? I for one think it might be a little absurd once the State breaks the $400 dollar mark, but these states have fines above these. Seems like the states are taking advantage of their own residents and tourists!;_ylt=Aut66psLKBCoIG.rErFoxzW7YWsA