Thursday, May 1, 2008

Spiritual Attack or Medical Misjudging?

In Weston,Wisconsin an 11 year old girl suffered from diabetic ketoacidosis. However, Her family refused to even take her to a doctor for a diagnosis. They believed that the sickness was a "test of faith" and that the young girl would quickly recover after a week or so after some "emergency prayer". She appeared to be weaker and slower for about two weeks before her death, which was ironically on Easter Sunday, and may have shown milder symptoms for up to two months before. The parents believed that it was just signs of puberty and that faith would heal her. Both the mother and the father are being tried for second-degree reckless homicide.
First of all, I would like to say wow. I am a Christian, but this seems extreme to me. This girl lost her life because she wasn't even given a chance to see a doctor. God is a healer, but completely relying on His power for medical treatment seems very Old Testament. I think that the parents really misjudged this. Diabetes is exactly what scientists are working on healing, and making progress. Why not take advantage? What do all of you guys think?

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bush's "Misson Accomplished" Sign has Fith Anneversary

Five years ago, after President Bush made a dramatic entrance on an aircraft carrier, he claimed that "Major combat operations have ended" and, "The battle of Iraq is one victory in a war on terror that began on Sept. 11, and still goes on." Behind his a giant "Mission Accomplished" banner was ever so proudly displayed. While the press had a field day making his sign the but of every joke, his press secretary claimed that, "President Bush is well aware that the banner should have much mire specific."
Tomorrow will the the fifth anniversary of this symbolic failure of a sign. It will always be a symbol of Bush's cockiness, however. It seems like too much of a coincidence to a legitimate mistake to me. Although it is not that important, the press will still ridicule him for it. Is it worth making such a bid deal out of? It is funny, but shouldn't something like this just be overlooked? Or are we all just tired of Bush, if no the entire conflict in Iraq in general?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Now Obama is Outraged by Former Pastor's Comments

Within the past few weeks, Rev. Jeremiah Wright has become a frenzy in the media. Formerly, he has claimed that the U.S created the HIV virus to exterminate minority races. This obviously has caused some outrage. But at the time Obama only denounced what the Reverend said, not the man himself. Now, however, when the Indiana and North Carolina primaries are nearing does he show complete outrage by the Reverends actions. Obama is now saying that, "His comments were not only divisive and destructive, I believe they end up giving comfort to those who pray on hate," Rev Wright also claims that "If Senator Obama did not say what he said, he would never get elected," and, "Politicians say what they say and do what they do based on electability, based on sound bites, based on polls."
Is the pastor hinting that Obama secretly complies with his own beliefs, or is he just denouncing politics in general? Obama has stated that "He is not the same man I met 20 years ago" and claims to hardly relate to his beliefs. Is Obama just making up for lost votes by suddenly becoming outraged? It seems to me that he should have dealt with it more harsh when he actually made the comment. Doesn't it seem strange that now, when its time for the primaries, that he is so outraged? Is his sudden change of heart going to win him any votes? What do you guys think?

Monday, April 28, 2008

tax rebates

Lately i've been hearing alot about these tax rebates that are coming. My parents and my boss have mentioned it. I decided to do a little research on the subject. First of all the tax rebates have began to be distributed today. The amounts are being given based on the amount of people in a family. This entire event is a attempt to stimulate the economy. I personally think this will not work. People that I have talked with say they will be saving the money. Kinda counterproductive to the idea. It is good for the citizens if they recieve the money. However this brings up another point. Who is recieving the money. This is not a negative statement. I just wonder if everyone will get money. It seems that the amount will be massive if everyone gets a equal amount. The news article I read says it will be going to 130 million households. I dont think that counts everyone. I just think it will be a failure as a economic growth starter. I hope to hear everyones 2 cents



There have been quite a few little earthquakes recently, especially recent ones in Reno, Nevada reching a magnitude of 4.7, which was the largest since a 5.2 one way back in 1953.  The recent Reno quake started small and has been growing, which is odd seeing as earthquakes are supposed to do the opposite.  Mogul, an area west of Reno, was hit with 100 earthquakes the day before "the big one."  Scientists have pre-warned residents that they need to stock up on food, learn how to turn off water/gas, and secure books and such.  Nevada is number three, behind California and Alaska, for most seismic activity.  At first I began looking at this article like a joke, seeing as we don't get many earthquakes over here, even though midwest/east coast rumors say that we're always shaking, but as I read on.  It kind of freaked me out a little too!!  I don't want any 1989 repercussion or anything.  Let's let the quakes travel back to Evansville, Indiana where they hit a few weeks ago.  (almost went to school there!)


I recently read an article on coastal safety from terrorist attacks.  Presidential officials believe that the next possible attack could come by water and want to regulate the boats that stream the United States coast.  The 18 million small boats in the country will participate in a type of neighborhood watch.  Also, new devices are hoped to be created to enhance servailance and detection of dangerous materials in the water.  Billions of dollars have already been spent on regulating large cargo ships that terrorists could use and (mostly east) coast states have  been ready with diving teams and such in cases a warning should come about.  They're also talking about making boaters have certificates of ownership and registration or licenses...Should this be such a drawn out, debated ordeal?? Or should be just drop it all together or making some sort of quick decision on regulation of the shores?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Many Children Left Behind

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2002 was supposed to create clear, reliable data that told parents how local schools stacked up against schools elsewhere in the nation. It has not worked that way, thanks in part to timidity at the Department of Education, which initially allowed states to phony up even the most basic data on graduation rates.
It's pretty disappointing that states are trying to cover up the fact that high school graduation rates are too low. They should acknowledge that there is a problem, and address it; figure out what can be done to make sure more students graduate from high school.
I've heard many teachers complain about the No Child Left Behind Act and i agree that the law has many flaws. However, I do think that it is a good idea and thus it should not be totally shelved because it was poorly designed from its inception. I think it is a good idea to have some federal government oversight into out public schools so that all Americans can be guaranteed a quality public education.

Athletes in the Armed Forces

I recently saw a report about how athletes who go pro can skip there two years of service if they can stay in the league for two years. Instead of serving the two years minimum that all people who go to the academy, they instead will become recruits. This policy doesnt apply just to athletes, but of all people who become famous through the public such as American Idol and things like that. So far five people have been allowed to have this effect them including most recently Caleb Campbell. This is a nice rule for those people, but should we have it when some people who go to the academy are having to go back to Iraq on their third and fourth times around. I feel that this rule is good for peace times, but when you are needing soldiers, I feel that we need soldiers and we cant afford to let some be allowed to leave with out serving their two years minimum.

Boycott on Olympics

With the Olympics in Beijing coming closer, the bigger quwestion of whether or not people should boycott things from China. While after watching an interview with Hershel Walker, former hall of fame running back, he was saying that instead of just boycotting products from china, we should stop having all of our companies being shipped out to China for cheaper reasons. He brings up a good point becasue if you really want to get your point across and show how you feel. Also if you really want to boycott China, I have heard people saying that they would boycott these products during the olympics, but would that really have that much effect when the olympics are only here for a month. Why not boycott those products for good until you get what you want and not just do it for a short period of time.

Making the Grade

With it being draft weekend all of the analyst are grading how the teams did and giving out grades. But do these grades really matter when these picks wont show how good they are until they are in the league for a few years. Yet the same for presidents approval rating. Usually when they come into the presidency they have a high approval rating, but is it a good rating on the president. When it will take a few years before you can really say if they were a good president or a bad one, just like how it takes a few years to tell if some rookie will turn out to be a superstar or just a bust.